EP Jiangsu Branch Agency Meeting


      -Change creates more wonderful future

Jiangsu Branch Agency
EP Jiangsu Branch had conducted an agency meeting. Its theme was “change creates more wonderful future”. More than one hundred agencies partners had attended the meeting.

Mr He,the chairman of EP gave a speech at the beginning of the meeting. He said it is time fEP to set a more ambitious goal. And to achieve this goal , we must make four changes: product innovation, sale model, cooperate way profit structure.

The second part of the meeting, our partner showed his experience with EP to all the attendees. He acknowledged the development prospect of EP electricity forklift cooperate ways.

Let our partners attendees experience the new products is the most important part of the meeting. Our agencies welcomed the activity experienced many series of electricity forklift. And our engineers explained the details of products answered everyone’s doubt very particularly.

Electrical Forklift Series

Electrical Forklift Sale Model