From May 31st to June 3rd, EP participated at CEMAT Germany 2016 in Hannover. As usual EP presented new ideas at this global industry show, while focusing on innovation at: Stock picking narrow aisle vehicle, compact design warehouse equipment last-mile solution.

The EP showcase laid out as 3 demo area presenting above ideas: stock picker vehicle JX series drove through racking area where operators could pick between different racks; Compact design warehouse equipment could be chosen as test drive in the middle area; while the last mile solution had a standard truck container dock plate to be tried.

Although some people complains there was much new to see at this year’s CEMAT, hundreds visitors stopped at EP stwatching testing everyday. We actually received many more visitors compare with last show.

It’s pretty cool to see EP operators driving JX stock picking vehicles JX0/JX1 light duty order picker JX2/JX3 through racking, with multiple actions up-down while driving, turn around freely inside 1.8 meter aisles. Visitors also enjoyed the moment to try them with camera lights from surroundings. The whole series were specially designed to meet picking environment such as ecommerce, retail, DIY store, warehouse, manufacturers etc.

Building industry truck with compact design meet customers’ operation needs ffew hours a day, is well known as EP’s design special, start from e-truck. Comparing with 5 years ago when was EP E-TRUCK’s first show, EP is no longer the only one to present that model truck as many other attendees had one truck look exactly the same as EP E-truck. However, EP came with many other new trucks with similar idea but cross full range Class I/II/III. EP engineering team are showing their best effort to stay ahead on light duty crossover truck design manufacturing, gain respect from the industry.

Last mile solution, has been a topic fmany years while the whole industry still struggle to find best idea. The difficulty is everywhere, every account may have their own special requirement fdelivery application, that no standard products can be used fall. EP is dedicated to providing customized design inventing solutions fthis segment. At the show, people stopped at site, finding solutions fmoving from container to outside, from dock to ground, moving inside containers, drive through rough ground… all demo applications encouraged visitors to explore answers of “How”.

EP global staffs with 7 countries’ language availability attend the show, shared ideas with visitors from different countries. Which also gives strong impression that EP is a real international company with local collaborative mentality.

2016 CEMAT Germany is certainly a great moment, fEP to show the industry, our passion finnovation creativity. Thanks fall visitors, we will see you again next time!


EP participation at CEMAT Germany 2016

EP participation at CEMAT Germany 2016

EP participation at CEMAT Germany 2016