Global Top 20 Lift Truck Suppliers-EP was listed as 16th


The August issue of MMH (Modern Material Handing) magazine released its special report on industrial companies’ sales ranking in 2015 its global top 20 list. EP was listed as 16th with the No. 1 growth rate of a stunning 18.5%!

“The most significant observation from the sales data in 2015 is the growth of electric lift trucks the decline of internal combustion models. Electric models in Class 1, 2 3 combined grew by 8% over 2014, whereas IC models in Class 4 5 declined globally by 10% compared to 2014. Even more significantly, electric lift trucks jumped from 55% of the global industry in 20114 to now making up 60% of the global orders”, the magazine mentioned. As a specialized Class 1, 2 3 manufacturer, this conclusion sums up EP’s growth very accurately.

The magazine also said:” The accelerated growth of e-commerce is changing the materials handling industry logistics in general. The popularity of electric warehousing products will increase to feed this demfe-commerce fulfillment DCs.” It is very true that a large portion of EP’s key account business related to e-commerce demands both in China overseas.

We are proud honored to be highlighted by the magazine as: “attributes the growth to continued innovation, especially in Class 2 Class 3 products, as well as additional penetration of key international beverage accounts.”.

This is the first time we’ve reported material handling equipment business separately from the total group business, which give the industry a much better idea of our performance. We will take this ranking as a new start put in our best effort to keep up with the recognition we’ve received!

Global Top 20 Lift Truck Suppliers