EP’s Innovative Products Report


EP successfully introduced the mini series pallet truck and stacker to the market 5 years ago and the JX series stock pickers 3 years ago.

When we look back on our progress, we are pleased by the positive contribution that EP has made to our industry through continuous innovation and the way we think about meeting customer needs.

EP’s Innovative Products

EP’s Innovative Products

Based on survey results and industry reports, the prevalence of EP’s light duty trucks in the market has now become similar to that of traditional class three industrial truck models.

This rapid growth of light duty truck sales has been fueled by more efficiently meeting the needs of existing users and creating new market opportunities within companies that have not previously utilized industrial trucks. New market opportunities for light duty trucks are now estimated to have resulted in an additional 150,000 units being sold worldwide over just the past 5 years.

With EP ‘s market leadership in this growth area, we have secured an approximate 1/3 market share and look forward to the future with projections of steady and continuous growth ahead.

EP’s Innovative Products

EP’s Innovative Products

The JX series stock picker has also provided new market opportunities with customers wanting to replace moving ladders or seeking a more efficient means of low level order picking.

End user survey results of those that have adopted new EP equipment models for such tasks have come back consistently stong, averaging just under 5 out of 5 on customer satisfaction.

This kind of validation from our customers is the best compliment we can receive as a manufacturer and gives us confidence that we are on the right track toward continued future success.


Thank you for the positive feedback, we are excited by the opportunity we have ahead of us  to continue to innovate and improve our products for both the customers and partners of EP.