EP IMOW at CEMAT Asia 2016 in Shanghai


EP IMOW at CEMAT Asia 2016 in Shanghai

Nov 1st to 4th, EP IMOW participated in CEMAT Asia 2016 in Shanghai. This year, the show focused on demonstrating modern industry 4.0 various advanced automations.


As always, EP presented its classic products along with innovative new products ideas. EP Ecommerce entity IMOW did the warm up show for Nov. 11th, the great Cyber sales day (11.11) which attracted hundreds of visitors.

EP proudly won the China Industrial Trucks Innovation Award at the show, which is the first award CITA ever issued to encourage innovation in China’s industrial trucks industry.

Besides EP company events, in Q3 2016, RP Thailcompany GTM, EP dealers of New ZealCzech Republic also participated in different shows.

Visitors had the opportunity to check out the latest technology ideas. Here’s some exhibition:

TILOG-LOGISTIX, the biggest logistic show in Thailand.


MHLexpo in New Zealand.

Dvur Kralove Nad Labem local show.