EP’s Annual Performance in 2016


The year of 2017 was a year full of changes and surprises, the world economy had its ups and downs and was filled with uncertainty. For us EP, however, the year 2016 was undoubtedly a brilliant year for industry truck division.
The three key business of the company kept rapid expansion in the year 2016:
Our industry truck business. The domestic sales achieved a jaw-dropping double by units, and our overseas market increased a 40% in units sold. All these build up a strong growth by revenue.
Our OEM parts business was keeping providing high quality products to meet the global market requirements, and achieved organic growth.
The IMOW e-commerce business developed tremendously in the year, both on revenue and the line traffics volume, closed with 145M RMB cash sales in the first financial year.
We launched numerous newly designed products, like EPT20-WARS, CPD10/12TVS, CQD12RF, and EPT12-EZ in the year 2016. All these new designs embody our spirit of innovation. Also, we participated in several globally-known trade shows, such as CeMAT 2016 in Hannover, Germany and Logis-Tech Tokyo 2016 in Japan. EP gradually stepped into the spotlight of the customers from all over the world.
Another exciting key innovation from last year is our new mobile app. It was successfully launched in December 2016 to serve our global dealers with better experience. App users can find all necessary files and information about EP products by simply clicking and sliding their cellphones.
EP now is proudly one of the leading corporation in material handling industry in China. We appreciate all the help and support from our partners and customers gratefully, as the great success would simply be a distant dream if without your support. With the ambition to become a world-class company and the diligence of our staff and partners, we look forward to an opportunistic 2017!