Have you heard of the Black Friday equivalent in China called 11.11? It is the number one day for online sales in China and EP Equipment just broke its own record from last year.

EP's Sales Record

Starting the day with a bike race in our hometown of Anji, a beautiful region of bamboo forests and celebrating the day of 11.11 together with 400 partners from all over China representing our dealers, customers and partners, we welcomed our friends in our factory and continued the day discussing new products, visions and trends in the industry.

During the ceremony our Ecommerce Division – iMow Industry started a 25 hours sales marathon with special opportunities for EP's Sales Record our customers throughout China.

After the success of our 2016 campaign, it was a tough challenge to increase our 11.11 sales once again, but the numbers speak for themselves: EP Equipment sold a record of 5.478 trucks in one day with a revenue of near 14 Million USD.

Presenting a revolutionary Counterbalance truck

At EP Equipment we believe that revolutionary products can change the market and in the past years we proved our vision with our EPT 20-15ET, the worldwide most selling electric pallet truck.

EP's Sales Record

On this years 11.11. ceremony we introduced the L1, a revolutionary Counterbalance truck that has the potential to change the

EP's Sales Record

market once again. By using state of the art Lithium Ion technology, EP Equipment was able to change the design process completely, setting a new level of ergonomics in the driver cabin.

And again, the numbers speak for themselves: On introduction day, EP Equipment signed orders of near 500 units on the

celebration ceremony alone. We are looking forward to see the L1 succeed within China and the world market.

EP Equipment introducing more revolutionary Li-Ion Products in 2018

Within the next 12 month EP Equipment has several products lined up for release that have the potential to change the industry once again with a radical change in concept and design around the Lithium Ion Battery. Stay tuned to find out more.

EP's Sales Record

New sales and production record in 2017

The year 2017 will be another mile stone in the history of EP Equipment. Outperforming our already ambitious target, we expect to break the magic line of 50.000 units both in production and sales.

EP and iMow truly appreciate all of our partners’ support for the successful gathering this year. We are looking forward to see you all again very soon to celebrate the next mile stones as EP Equipment will continue its journey.