At EP Equipment we believe in products that simply work. Over the past years we have created new, category defining products, like the EPT 20-15ET, the worlds first real entry level powered pallet truck, the EPT 12EZ, the first compact Li-Ion pallet truck at the size of a manual hand pallet truck and the  JX1, a unique order picker designed to serve in the growing E-Commerce environment.

Lithium integrated Smart Trucks

At CeMAT 2018 EP Equipment will push the limits even further by presenting LiST – Lithium integrated Smart Trucks – a whole new line up of trucks with groundbreaking features. We present the future of trucks already today!

Next generation Counterbalance truck:

While others just replace lead acid batteries with Li-Ion in their traditional chassis, EP Equipment went back to the drawing board and created a completely new counterbalance truck. We re-engineered the chassis and designed a whole new battery compartment to make full use of the compact size and light weight Lithium-Ion technology.

The result is stunning: EP Equipment managed to increase the legroom of a 1.5to electric counterbalance truck by 35% while increasing the performance level of the truck, improving visibility and ergonomics at the same time. The new EP Equipment counterbalance truck will feature a dual joystick control system, USB charger, great visibility and the largest legroom in the industry. Performance wise the truck is looking forward to meeting its competition out in the field!

The next step in distribution logistics

Especially in Europe, the EPT 20-15EHJ is  probably the most successful pallet truck when it comes to urban distribution logistics in 2017. With thousands of new customers working with this semi-electric truck on the taillift and in city centers we decided to bring out the next generation of this robust workhorse. With the EPT 16-EH we bring Lithium-Ion to the semi electric pallet truck. The EPT 16-EH will be equipped with the EP Equipment Lithium-Ion Battery, already established by the EPT 12EZ. Now the our semi electric is even more flexible, can be charged in the truck cabin, at home or in the warehouse. And in case of heavy duty application, it can run non-stop with a replacement battery.

Next generation powered pallet truck

Together with its Key Account customers around the world EP Equipment created one of the largest portfolios in powered pallet trucks with solutions for every challenge. Over the years some key points have always been on our mind when designing a new product: Compact size, robust chassis, low and simple maintenance. With the EPT 20WL EP Equipment presents the world most compact 2.0 to pallet truck at a length of only 423mm the EPT 20WL is equipped with a brushless permanent magnet motor and a easy-exchange Li-Ion battery. With its weight of only 220Kg and the compact size it is

Lithium integrated Smart Trucks

the perfect truck for the distribution industry. But what about service? The EPT 20WL is build around the concept of simple service. While EP already introduced the easy-exchange system for the Battery in 2016, the EPT 20WL will use the easy-exchange system for all electronic components. So in the unlikely event of downtime, the customer can exchange the electronic components by themselves. Service has never been faster!

Now on sale – the all new JX0

With the JX1 EP Equipment is solving order picking challenges around the world already. With the all new JX0 work assist vehicle, EP Equipment developed a light duty truck with a lifting height of 3000mm that suits the need of DIY markets, retail environment or occasional maintenance work. Visit EP Equipment to try the JX0 and its bigger brother the JX1.