Success is in the details. Just as Walt Disney once said, people can feel perfection. Devotion to detail lets customers know that they’re worth the effort. As for EP, focusing on details promotes its international development. IMI, one of EP’s distributors held a product exhibition in Palestine on July 15th and invited all the local EP distributors to the exhibition, which received great commendation and support from the Palestinian Government.

EP Equipment Opening Ceremony

Minister of Transport and Communications, Asim Salem Lotan(قال وزير النقل والمواصلات عاصم) cut the ribbon at the exhibition opening ceremony at 4 p.m. on Sunday, July 19, 2019.


At the opening ceremony, Minister Salem(الوزير سالم) said that policy of the new government was aimed at alleviating the economy dilemma of Palestine by strengthening local industries or relying on foreign imports and investment. EP is one of the largest suppliers of class III vehicles in the world at present. With its steady production style, advanced innovative technology, keen market foresight and great sense of social responsibility, EP has become the most trusted and cooperative partner of the top 500 global companies in various industries in the field of material handling. And this is also the reason why EP is the preferred material handling manufacturer in Palestine. The Palestinian government also has faith that EP will enable Palestinian users to have more professional, optimized and suitable equipment, experience more considerable services. Thus the development of Palestinian warehousing equipment will become more specialized, which will further promote the development of Palestinian market economy.

EP Equipment Opening Ceremony

“EP’s equipment is environmentally friendly and of high quality, which has been confirmed by Ramallah Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the latest achievement of technological progress.” chairman of Ramallah Chamber of Commerce and Industry said, “The entry of EP products into the Palestinian market will bring new stimulation, provide more new employment opportunities and promote the development of the Palestinian economy.”


EP Equipment Opening Ceremony

The general manager of IMI (هذا وقد قام مدير عام الوكالة) elaborated on the new developments in the Palestinian market and explained its marketing strategy and action plan. He also made a statement that customers in Palestine were eager to work in a green environment, free from carbon dioxide emissions and environmental pollution. EP has many years of production and manufacturing experience of electric forklifts, and it redesigns forklift truck structure for lithium batteries. Moreover, EP offers stable product performance and professional manufacturing experience, which is one of the important reasons for the choice of EP products in the Palestinian market.

EP always regards “innovation” and “trust” as the core of products and services, emphasizing social responsibility, product innovation and customer-centered service. EP always receives the faith of using science and technology to change the status and repay the society. EP is committed to reducing resource consumption and air pollution in the process of material handling through hard work. In recent years, EP has developed rapidly. Its innovative products have won German Red DOT Design Award, German IF Product Design Award and hundreds of patents in the United States, China and Europe. EP products are valued by many top 500 global companies, such as Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Deppon Express, JD Logistics, SF Express and DB Schenker. EP products have been able to withstand the test in innovation, quality, application and service.

Sales manager of IMI invited all the dealers of EP Equipment to visit their showroom to learn about the latest products in the field of equipment and forklift trucks, rationalize fuel consumption, and replace equipment with environmentally friendly new equipment.


The exhibition held in the Palestine and the grand opening ceremony held by Ramallah Chamber of Commerce for EP were reported by local TV, radio, website, newspaper and social media.