The 4th 1111 Event with “New idea, New challenge, and New technology” was held successfully by EP & iMOW on the 11th of November in Anji Factory, Zhejiang province. Around 500 people were invited to participate in this event, including people from EP service center, EP dealers, leaders of Industry Association and the media, to experience the new amazing product portfolio of EP Equipment.

The event is established as the largest sales event in chinese material handling industry, as well as the big release of new products from EP Equipment.

Once again the sales of 11.11 event even surprised the EP management as new records came in by the minute:


The order of counterbalance forklifts were more than 1000.


The purchase set including the EPT20-15ET2 which was limited to an order amount of 8000 units was sold out.

11.11 record

After an estonishing result of around 23.000 units in 2018, the 2019 event received over 30.000 orders from dealers in China plus several big key account orders from the domestic market. Dealers fought to get their hands on EP trucks during the event.


New ideas Compete for the exclusive agency of new products to avoid homogeneous competition.


The market is aimed at lithium technology and customization in the year 2020! Apart from the normal group purchase, this year EP put forward with a customization activity for nine new products. The products can be customized and produced according to the customer’s requirements, solving the actual needs of customers’ working conditions. Thus customers can get products that are more suitable for them. Customization can not only create more value for dealers and customers but also effectively avoid homogeneous competition in the industry. There was one dealer from Foshan who won the exclusive agency of one of EP’s new products with the order amount of 6500 in the spot.

Unrestrained homogenization and imitation reduce the market competitiveness of original good products. Less profit worsens the after-sales service. Unprofitable industries will not develop for a long time, will not have intimate services, will not have technological innovation, and will not keep up with the global industry development trend. EP is the pioneer of customization service. EP’s dealers can use different products to meet the various needs of different customers and provide better solutions for customers.

The different industry has different material handling problems. Customization can directly solve the handling problem, using professional equipment to solve specific problems. With the rapid economic development at home and abroad, products become various. With the improvement of living standards, the requirements for product quality also increase. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for material handling, and more requirements are put forward for the functions of handling equipment. Traditional handling equipment can no longer meet the special needs caused by handling differences between industries. EP focuses on this difference and launches customization. According to the requirements of different industries for handling equipment, professional handling equipment is produced to solve the specific problems and meet the special needs of different industries, so that the material handling becomes more professional, more efficient and safer. EP constructed 7 industrial scenarios to show how to operate the trucks in the exhibition.

NEW PRODUCT More than 30 new products are released, which are sold both online and offline.

EP & iMOW 4th 11.11 Event 2019

During the event, more than 30 products are released by EP, including pallet trucks, electric stackers and electric counterbalance trucks. Let’s witness EP innovation, share the new handling idea and step into a new handling area together with EP new products!

Meanwhile, EP will set up a specialized online sales department to build a professional e-commerce marketing team. All EP products will be divided into online sale and offline sale and the price of online products will be unified. The online disordered competition can be ended through professional management, which includes establishing the online inspector system and building a worry-free after-sales system. Thus the core competitiveness of EP e-commerce can be formed and healthy and orderly development of the EP e-commerce industry can be ensured.

E-commerce product display

New challenge Build an electric forklift market and break the electric forklift curse.

At present, most of the internal combustion forklift trucks in the market have huge waste, space waste, load waste, energy consumption waste. However, even if so much waste is caused by using the internal combustion forklifts under the vigorous publicity of green environmental protection, how can the proportion of internal combustion forklift and electric forklift still be basically unchanged for 10 years? (The ration of the amount of electric forklift and internal combustion forklift is 16:84 over 10 years—-referred to CITA.) The market is driven by the price. The price of electric forklift trucks is extremely high, especially Li-ion forklift trucks, which leads to fewer choices for customers. However, with the development of e-commerce, great changes have taken place in the packaging form of logistics, standardized and miniaturized packaging, that is to say, when most of the cargo on a standard pallet weighs less than 1.5t, internal combustion forklift trucks of large load are redundant and not environmentally friendly.

EP & iMOW 4th 11.11 Event 2019

The ration of the amount of electric forklift and internal combustion forklift


EP will continue to carry out the mission of “Making handling environmentally friendly, fighting for the future”. EP will take the social responsibility of environmental protection on its own initiative, break the curse and continue to carry forward the innovation and courage of Li-ion electric entry-level forklifts. EP will invest to set up an entry-level electric forklifts market. It will break the situation that internal combustion forklift of 3t dominates the industry through technology innovation and cost reduction. EP will aim at making electric forklifts of 1.5t/2.0t become the mainly used truck in most industries and continuously expanding the electric handling equipment and handling robot to decrease the waste during handling. And finally make everyone affordable for the use of forklifts.

EP wants to apply the idea of “entry-level pallet truck” to Li-ion forklift trucks and realize forklift trucks civilianization. EP announced a new product named EFL151/EFL181, with the slogan of “To replace the internal combustion forklifts”, on the spot of the event at 10 am on the 11th of November.


NEW TECHNOLOGY Aim at the development trend of the industry and explore the new technology of material handling


In the future, the handling robot will have distinctive characters of a distributed system and man-machine cooperation, which will become a new trend in the field of material handling. It does not need a central control system, no need for professionals on call, no need for unmanned work environment to realize point-to-point handling work. Thus not only is it much safer and has higher reliability, but it can greatly improve the handling efficiency as well. It saves labor and it is environmentally friendly. The market share of manually driven balanced forklift trucks will be continuously reduced in the future and the automatic warehouse and lights-out warehouse definitely will occupy the main market of the distribution center. Simple handling robots will become the mainstream market of handling equipment and a new robot-assisted handling method of man-machine integration will become the main business.

EP has been trying to come up with new ideas, face new challenges directly and innovate new technology all the time! EP launches several new technology products to make material handling easier, such as solar charging devices to realize shared battery, an application on mobile-phone to take the place of the manual pulse generator, a remote system to realize battery plus vehicle synchronous detection and material handling robots researched and developed independently by EP. Aiming at the development trend of the industry, exploring the new technology of material handling, EP will start a new era of green manufacturing, miniaturization, digitalization, intelligentization and fine differentiation of handling according to the industry.

Detail explanation on how to use solar charging devices to realize the shared battery


At the business meeting on the afternoon of the event, Mrs. Zhang Jie, secretary of CITA, highly praised the achievements made by EP in the past decade and expressed admiration for EP’s innovative spirit. At the same time, she pointed out that the country is in the period of economic transformation and the industry is also in the throes of reform. We hoped that enterprises can actively innovate green energy-saving equipment, develop an efficient and healthy operation mode, and maintain the healthy and orderly development of the industry.


Mr. He Jinghui, chairman of EP, said that all the brilliant achievements of EP in the past 10 years could not be separated from the strong support of industry associations, partners and industry media. He also said that all the achievements could only represent the past and we should look forward to the next decade. The global material handling equipment would change greatly, and it would develop towards miniaturization, customization, green manufacturing, digitalization, intelligentization. In order to respond to the development trend of the industry, EP pioneered customization and avoided homogeneous competition with customized service mode and green and energy-saving innovative products. Meanwhile, EP hoped to grow together with all our partners, continuously creating new ideas, accepting new challenges and innovating new technology! To make the boring, competitive and low-profit industry to really lead the world trend!

Mr. He Jinghui, chairman of EP, made a speech

At the night, EP entertained people from service centers, EP dealers, people from CITA, people of the same trade and the media to dinner and expressed appreciation to them. There were beautiful dance shows, a melodious singing show, a magic show, and other entertainments. Also, an awarding ceremony was held that night. Excellent distributors and dealers, people who won the exclusive agency of nine products and people whose order amount ranked top three were rewarded. In total three million cash was rewarded.

Bike riding competition

The 3rd “EP CUP” material handling industry cross-country cycling competition ended successfully. Although the competition was over, the joy, tension, and excitement brought by the competition are deeply rooted in our hearts. With dreams in mind, we shall set sail again in beautiful Angie towards the latest goal.


The 3rd “EP CUP” material handling industry cross-country cycling competition

EP held the biking riding competition with the concept of “green” development, healthy riding, working in unity and helping one another, and bravely striving for the first place. Through this competition, people participated in this competition could embrace nature and enjoyed the competition. While experiencing the happiness of sports, they could cultivate the consciousness and habit of green environmental protection and ecological civilization construction.

On the 10th of November, the 3rd “EP CUP” material handling industry cross-country cycling competition came as promised. This year we were more focused, more diligent, more passionate and more exciting. Here EP would like to thank Shandong Xinxu Group, Hangzhou Mashidi Electrical Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai Shineng Electrical Equipment Factory, Wuxi Mengyuan Motor Manufacture Co.Ltd. for their support.

32 people who devoted themselves to the forklift industry from China, the United States, Europe, and Thailand made up of 6 cycling teams, competing in Anji for the biking champion. The cycling team expanded this year and there were also three female cyclists.

EP & iMOW 4th 11.11 Event 2019EP & iMOW 4th 11.11 Event 2019EP & iMOW 4th 11.11 Event 2019

Our biking competitors gathered at the starting point of cycling in the morning, getting familiar with the route in advance, finding the riding feeling, in order to present the best condition for the race. In the afternoon, Mrs. Zhang Jie, secretory of CITA, gave the opening speech and wished the cyclists good results. And then Mr. He, the chairman of EP, motivated all the competitors to go for the first place and their spirits arose. The competition started at 14:00 on time, at the sound of the gunshot, the contestant rushed out of the starting line like a stray arrow.


Mrs Zhang Jie, secretory of CITA, gave the opening speech


The autumn of November was a little chilly, but every one of us was immersed in the fierce cycling competition. The competitors chased each other and strove forward to win the final competition. The audience was enthusiastic and cheering as if they were in the competition. They all enjoyed the speed, passion, stimulation, and happiness of the competition. The cycling competition was integrated with the beautiful Anji mountain. As the last player crossed the finish line, the champion team was born. Finally, the five players of Mashidi Wolf Team accumulated 306.23 minutes to become the team with the least time and won the championship.


EPs Joe team had a group photo taken to mark the occasion