EP Equipment is excited to share three new products with you, ready for sale in March for our worldwide network of partners. They all have one thing in common: Full focus on Li-Ion technology! Each truck offers a unique opportunity to transform your business for a green future, with a lower total cost of operation and a higher standard of ergonomics than ever before.

EFL181 Entry-level Li-ion Electric Forklift


Entry-level Li-ion electric forklift truck 1.8T

Are you looking for a cost-effective truck as an all-round talent? The EFL181 from EP Equipment will be a great choice to replace diesel and gas trucks with big savings. It is the next generation li-ion truck to be used on building sites as well as small companies with the occasional need of a forklift truck: Big chunky wheels, integrated charger with standard 220V plug and Li-Ion technology!  Learn more about EFL181



CPD20L1S Electric Counterbalance Forklift


Electric Counterbalance Forklift 2.0T

With the CPD20L1S upgrades, the 20L1 with an AC lift motor and higher performance. It is widely used for outdoor activities and supplies higher pallet turnover due to the increased lifting speed.

Learn more about CPD20L1S



CPD20L2 Electric Counterbalance Forklift


Electric Counterbalance Forklift 2.0T

CPD20L2 is built around all the advantages of Li-Ion technology with powerful lifting performance and the best in operator comfort. With dual drive 48V motors, it is the perfect truck for long work hours with a need for high productivity. With its two-piece counterweight, the truck combines worldwide unique legroom with compact size and high pallet turnover.

Lead more about CPD20L2


Find The Most Suitable Truck For Yourself

These trucks are just a small part of the large EP Equipment product portfolio. If you want more trucks to compare with, please feel free to contact us and may you find the one suits you most!