It’s easy to say good things about your own company. As an experts in lithium batteries and building forklifts that make use of this cutting-edge technology, we know that our commitment to the highest standards is making us one of the top companies for urban logistics in the world.

But don’t take it from us, hear what our forklift dealers have to say.

We asked a couple of our european partners to share their thoughts on EP Equipment, as well as Li-Ion technology and the latest EP innovations. What do they have to say?

Simon Penny-Smith runs Forktruck Solutions Ltd in the North of England. They supply a range of forklifts, including gas and diesel. Since offering EP forklifts four months ago, they haven’t sold a single gas or diesel forklift.

When they talk to their customers about the advantages of EP forklifts, they are the clear choice. Simon cites their advantages as being an affordable price and the ease of the lithium battery technology. He goes on, commenting that it is

‘quite remarkable how they [EP] manage to produce such a well-built machine, in lithium, at the price point.’

The future for Forktruck Solutions? Simon thinks that it is likely they will become a lithium-only dealer due to the technologies popularity and EP’s commitment to constant innovation.

In contrast to Simon, Jonathan Savage from Clearlift in Ireland has been supplying EP forklifts for 7 years. He has seen a change in the way that the EP is seen in Ireland, saying that 5 or 6 years ago they were not a known brand. These days EP has a reputation in Ireland as the choice for lithium battery fork trucks at a good price.

Jonathan himself sees this as a key advantage to working with EP as we offer ‘lithium technology brought to the masses at affordable prices.’

Over the years he has seen EP’s continued innovation take lithium-ion batteries to a place where they are no longer an unaffordable luxury. He sees the future of EP and his company as a green one, with lithium batteries doing their bit for the environment and EP delivering this technology at the right price.

Johan Koers of Tramag BV in the Netherlands is another EP fan. His company has been an EP dealer for 5 years and he sees EP forklifts as proof that lithium batteries can compete with diesel trucks, and come out on top.

With quick charging and good pricing he feels that ‘EP can easily compete with any other brand.’

Like the other dealers we have featured here, Josip Vidakovic from Whyres in Reutlingen, South Germany, is impressed with EP’s innovation.

He sees the future in electric forklifts, not just for sustainability but as a way to open up a whole new market for his business. ‘The switch to electric forklifts… this is a very big issue where we can definitely win new customers.’

As well as opening up a new market for his business he sees the EP range as growing alongside businesses, and for him the opportunity to build long term relationships. With smaller pallet trucks, right up to large 4-wheel forklifts, EP can help businesses from their inception through to growth, and the dealers can be right there with them.

Building long term relationships with his customers is a reflection of the relationship he has with EP. He enjoys the friendly EP team and sees good friendships which have been built across the industry through his work with us.

Whatever you need for your business, you need to be working with EP. Don’t just take our work for it. This is how we work with all our dealers, and we’d love to welcome you to our dealer network too.