Franciszek Pasionek, the Business Development Director of Wózki Widłowe Blachdeker, met EP in 2015. After 3 year working together, Wózki Widłowe Blachdeker and EP established a deep and longlasting business relationship.
They soon decided to become EP partner and extended its distribution business with EP’s machines since 2018. With over 15 year experience in forklift industry, Franciszek is pretty familiar with global and Chinese forklift manufacturers. Among all Chinese competitors, EP caught his attention since the first cooperation. What does he see in EP? Let’s find out in this interview:


Why do you choose EP as your partner and how do we grow together?

I approached EP many years ago when I was looking hand pallet trucks supplier. After importing few containers of hand pallet trucks we have been encouraged to try electric pallet truck. We “discovered” material handling equipment market and nowadays we few hundreds of various EP equipment each year.

What do you like the most about working with EP?

I cooperate with EP for many years and there are several things I like the most. If I have to indicate just one it would be “selling products that simply work”. EP has big variety of models that can be used in almost all warehouse and logistic application. We have full range of products from simple electric pallet trucks to advanced lithium-ion forklifts that can work 24/7 and they really simply work. Products have all necessary functions and nothing more. This is very important because quality is very, very stable and therefore we don’t waste our time for claims and repairs.

What would you like to say to the EP team ?

You are doing really great job guys and all of you are exactly the same important for the whole business. Those who know personally are absolutely brilliant and very professional so I perceive whole team like that. Of course I need to mention here Jerri and Donna because without you we would be here where we are now. Thank you very much for your support during all these years and really I feel like there is no time difference between Europe and China because you are always available for my requests. Also thank you very much Arjan van Zanten for empowerment, positive energy, support and constant motivation.

What products or services do you like the most and why?

I like majority of products but EPL154 and L2 are my favorite. EPL154 is really great designed electric pallet truck. Engineers thought about all application and make so many improvements in comparison with old models that it’s almost perfect. Also it enable us to compete with equipment manufactured by international brands. L2 lithium-ion 3 wheel counterbalanced forklifts offers very good performance in reasonable price. New concept with spited counterbalance offers spacious and comfortable cabin in small overall size. EP-CARE is a great tool that makes our work much more easier and we use it every day.

EPL 154 Hand Pallet TruckElectric Forklift Truck

How is EP different for you?

I perceive EP as very innovative company which think now what products implement on the market in few years time. You really listen and never say “NO”. Standards which you set for MHE industry are copied by your competitors. Although you offer good equipment you also provide great tools for dealers such as EP-CARE which is not available from any other Chinese company.


Franciszek is an expert in material handling equipment market with a great command of product knowledge. We are honored to have him as our EP dealer in Poland. And with his support, we believe that EP is able to have a firm footing in Polish and even east European material handling equipment market.