EP Equipment keeps growing. Not only is the product range constantly being renewed and expanded. Also, the dealer network is growing. The German EP network now has more than 30 dealers, strategically spread throughout the country. Joining the team around 1 year ago: Nowak Gabelstapler in Eschweiler.


Nowak Gabelstapler was founded in 2003 by Guido Nowak, who at that time already had several years of experience in the industry. “We started in a rental property in Eschweiler, near Aachen. For the first few years, the focus was purely on used Linde trucks”, says the managing director-owner. The trucks were bought, refurbished and traded throughout Europe. It turned out to be a success formula. Nowak Gabelstapler grew steadily and soon started to construct a new business premises of its own. Over time, the first customers from the region also contacted Nowak.

Total package from one hand

Nowadays Guido Nowak has sixteen employees. “For a long time the business has grown out of the situation where we only supply used equipment”, he continues. “We offer our customers a total package; from equipment and service to training and financing. All from one hand.” More often the delivered trucks are brand new. Since 2019 Nowak Gabelstapler has been working closely with EP Equipment in the electrical field. “EP offers a complete range of innovative trucks with lithium-ion technology. Trucks that are also very competitively priced. The price-performance ratio suits us, and our customers’ needs perfectly”, says Nowak. “With a strong focus on Li-Ion technology, Nowak Gabelstapler grew to become a real asset for EP Equipment in the west of Germany”, says Julian Büter, Sales Manager Germany at EP.


Scepticism unjustified

“At the beginning”, Guido Nowak reports, “my employees have been spceptical about Chinese built forklift trucks. How is it possible to make a Li-Ion forklift truck in a good quality at such a competitive price? They asked me! Completely unjustified, as it turns out. On the contrary, the EP trucks are very reliable”, Nowak knows. “The trucks have a straight forward but high-quality finish and do exactly the same job as more expensive competitive trucks. As a user, you not only benefit from a favourable investment value, but also from savings over the entire operational period. Fortunately, more and more customers are convinced of this. And my employees are very pleased with the performance and the serviceability of the trucks.”


Excellent basis

The first EP truck supplied by the dealer was a four-wheel electric forklift, type CPD20L1, with lithium-ion technology. The maintenance-free lithium-ion battery allows for impunity-free interim charging and guarantees virtually continuous operation and a favourable cost-benefit ratio. “That applies to the entire EP range”, Nowak knows. “But no one buys a lift truck or warehouse truck because they think it’s so cool. They remain working equipment, a necessary evil if you want to call it that. In fact, our customers buy our company. They buy certainty, reliability and employability. EP provides an excellent basis for that.”


Favourable pricing

Since the delivery of the first EP, Nowak Gabelstapler has sold several dozen new trucks. In 2020 alone, the dealer delivered over 30 new EP trucks. “From the entire portfolio. Customers also see the benefits”, continues Guido Nowak.

“We do a lot of service, independent of brand. That service often generates demand for new equipment. Certainly, if the investment is favourable. There is plenty of interest in EP trucks. Often precisely because of the favourable pricing. Whereas with other brands you pay a surcharge of around € 20,000 for lithium-ion technology alone, with EP you almost get a completely new truck for that money”, he reports.

An additional advantage is the fact that leasing constructions can also be offered for the new trucks. This also makes trucks interesting for customers who have less liquidity available.


Good partnership

The growing number of EP dealers also offers advantages to the truck manufacturer itself. “The knife cuts both ways”, says Bennit Schmieder, Director Sales & Marketing at EP Equipment. “Where we used to have three importers in Germany, we now have more than 30 dealers. That’s considerably more ears and eyes in the market. We are now literally and figuratively closer to the customer and have a better understanding of what is going on. This enables us to respond even better to market demand.”

Guido Nowak notices the advantages. “EP’s European support is really top notch. They know the ins and outs and are willing to take that extra step. And that good partnership is and remains essential”, concludes the owner.