The 2020 Double 11 event ended with a huge success for EP Equipment. A new sales record! This year hold as a domestic sales event due to Covid restrictions, over 500 dealers from all over China came to the EP factory in Anji to learn about the latest innovations, new digital services as well as to celebrate the double 11 sales event.


New Record Breaker in Sales – 110.000 units

For many brands, Double 11 is the single biggest growth driver every year and EP is no exception. But this year, EP shocked the industry by setting a record of the previous year at 36,000 and raising the bar to a new level. The EP Equipment dealers in China purchased 110.000 units during the event and showed a strong commitment to the brand as well as the innovative products presented by EP!

EP Equipment Features Autonomous Mobile Robots and Li-ion Forklift series to Act on Emission Reduction Trend

The main key takeaway at the product announcement is that EP officially presented its green ambition by releasing the Li-ion replacing-diesel forklift series to respond to the global trend of emission reduction for global sustainability. With the EFL302/ICE301 receiving much positive feedback, EP announced the series expansion for bigger batteries models with better stability of mast to meet domestic market requirements. The hot trending concept and great features created strong enticement to Chinese dealers during the event. The sales volume of the ICE series reached 6,000 right at the event on November 11th.


EP Equipment also rolled out the new product features over the event and announced its recent technology development, the X-Mover series, as the first brick of EP next 5-year goal on Autonomous Mobile Robots to really transform the warehousing industry. While current AMRs in the market that caters for high-end digital factories’ needs, EP’s X-Movers are designed for small-mid-sized warehouses with hybrid applications in inventory and logistic applications, various human-robot collaboration needs, and limited working space. By implanting AI algorithms, the X-movers help free up operators’ time and eliminate extra effort. Human workers will be able to focus their time on higher-value tasks.


This year’s theme is “Dream-Making”. At the event today, EP Equipment’s Founder and President John He said, “EP is here to help our dealers to seize new business opportunity in the post-pandemic world.” Over the past years, EP has been implementing our market insight with realistic applications just to design products that simply works to empower operators. We believe the product we announced today are not set to just help dealers to survive, but to grow and thrive in the new industrial 4.0 world.