In this news article we talk about Simon Manasseh joining EP Equipment. EP Equipment has been in the UK market for many years, building successful relationships over the years. Due to the increasing demand for innovative Li-Ion trucks, EP Equipment keeps evolving the dealer network in the UK over time. As the dealer network grew, EP decided to enrol more experts in our team and keeps building up more resources in the British market to meet the demand of our customers.

Today we would like to introduce Simon Manasseh, EP’s new sales manager responsible for the UK market. Let’s find more about him  through the following interview

Simon, who are you? Where are you from and what have you done so far in Life?

Hello! I am Simon and I am 58 years old and I live very close to London with my partner Siobhan, I have 2 daughters and Siobhan has a son and a daughter. As a child I was born and raised the UK in the county of Cornwall, at the very bottom of the country at the place which is called Lands End. As a boy I had a lot of interest in machinery and I also worked on farms driving tractors. When I was 16, I went to college to learn agricultural engineering and after 4 years at college returned to Cornwall to work in a farm machinery dealership as an engineer – I also drove forklift trucks to unload delivery lorries! I had my own service van and went from farm to farm mending tractors and combine harvesters. After 3 years I moved into sales and was given a brand new sales area to the company with no customers, I had a map and any place that that was called “farm” I made it my business to go and see the customer, we call it cold calling in the UK. This experience has always stayed with me and is just what I am doing in the UK for EP now, to build our dealer network. I progressed to work for farm machinery manufacturers representing them across the south of the UK and then went to work for JCB in the UK and overseas, where I spent 3 years living in Cyprus travelling to Turkey, Greece, Albania and Israel. After JCB I worked for the Germany company Claas where I also did my MBA and then went to the international Caterpillar dealer Mantrac, firstly in the UK and then I moved to Uganda for one year. After Uganda I came back to the UK and ran a Linde dealership. I joined Hiremech in London in 2016 which is when my time with EP started as we sold EP Equipment and is where I first met Bennit and Arjan.

What are you planning with EP Equipment in the United Kingdom?

For the UK I want us to be known as the innovators and market changers to clean power from diesel and gas trucks and to be driving the technology to replace lead acid batteries. We will be the go-to experts and trusted partners for lithium ion powered MHE in the UK for the dealers and end users.

What has been your main motivation to join EP?

I want to be leading the lithium ion revolution in the UK and I am excited by the motivation and enthusiasm that everyone in EP has for the company and our products. It is fantastic to get up in the morning knowing that I am part of the team and making a difference to our environment. Seeing our plans for robotics and energy storage means that we will keep on innovating, inventing and pushing forwards.

Which product do you find most interesting?

All our products powered by our lithium batteries!

What hobbies do you have and how do you spend your weekends?

I love listening to music (sometimes too loud according to Siobhan), we have 3 cats and we enjoy cooking and drinking wine at home! I am a member at a gym where I go for circuit training and workouts as well as running and cycling. Myself and Siobhan enjoy walking along the river Thames. Being 20 minutes from London means we can explore the city and go to the theatre. I’ve just started to try and learn some German!

What is your biggest wish for your first year at EP?

Firstly to achieve our sales targets and for EP Equipment to be the first place for dealers and customers to come to for lithium ion MHE. For us to be known as the experts and trusted partners for lithium technology.

We are excited to have Simon in our team and we can expand our dealer network in the UK with  his professional knowledge. If you want to get in touch with him, please feel free to send him a piece of email @