EP Equipment has built strong relationships in the German market with the increasing demand of Li-ion trucks for many years. As the dealer network in Germany grew, EP decided to enroll more experts to help with building up more resources in the German market and meet the demand of our customers.

Today we would like to introduce Inez Gruczel, EP’s new sales assistant responsible for the German market. Let’s find more about her through the following interview:

Inez, who are you? Where are you from and what have you done so far in Life?

I’m Inez Gruczel, 25 years old, and I’m from a small, idyllic town near by Hamburg. Already during my school time, I was doing many internships to seek an orientation of which I found my passion in mechanical engineering. After having successfully graduated, I then started an apprenticeship in Hamburg.

What have you done before joining EP Equipment?

Before joining EP Equipment, I successfully finished my apprenticeship with STILL GmbH as an industrial clerk where I got deep insights into various, different projects and international working departments. Later, as employed pricebook manager with STILL GmbH, I took on the responsibility for warehouse equipment with location in Luzzara as well as at Chatelleraut.

What has been your main motivation to join EP?

What motivates me most about joining EP is that I will be given a new challenge for my personal development. Also, to be given the chance to participate in changing the market together with EP Equipment and to become a successful part of its young and dynamic team motivate me a lot.

Which product do you find most interesting and what do you want other people to know about the product?

Personally, I am most interested in the EFL302, the Li-Ion forklift which is the successor of its previous diesel-forklift model. What inspires me with this model is that it is a clear example of how Li-Ion technology can be easily innovated and that change can be driven forward continuously. Innovation and continuous development are two major values to me.

EP Sales Assistant in Germany

What hobbies do you have and how do you spend your weekends?

I enjoy spending my free time with my 2 horses, be outdoors and meet with friends. On a typical Sunday, I generally enjoy some me-time, reading preferably thriller books and listening to good music.

What is your biggest wish for your first year at EP?

For my first year at EP, I am aspiring some major personal development, that I can quickly learn about how the company works in order to be able to independently build good and strong relationships with our traders. Additionally, I wish that I can quickly establish myself in the team, take on major responsibilities and contribute to further market gain with EP Equipment.


We’re very happy to have Inez in the EP family. If you have any inquiries regarding EP trucks in Germany, please feel free to contact her directly at inez.gruczel@ep-equipment.eu.