EP Equipment New Website

Welcome to the new EP website. As one of Europe and the rest of the world’s leading manufacturers of forklifts and electric pallet trucks, EP Equipment has a name that is synonymous with quality and continually pushing the boundaries of product design. Even more important to us, however, is the EP family. Our family is already expansive, yet growing all the time, as we strike partnerships with more dealers and bring more people into our teams.

Because we put our EP family first, we’ve redesigned our website so that it is one everyone can be proud of. The new EP Equipment website is attractive, accessible, and modernised to suit all manners of audience. Let’s break it down in more detail.

Welcome to our new website

As we’ve mentioned, the EP family is our priority. Because of this EP Equipment launched a stunning new website that streamlined and optimised the user experience. The new EP Equipment website achieves this in a few different ways.

First of all, the new site is far easier to navigate. Product pages and datasheets are quick and simple to find, meaning our dealers and customers can find the information they require in just a few clicks. We have really favoured one of the most current design trends – minimalism – when creating this new website.

Minimalism is a design trend that has seen an exponential boost of popularity in recent years. It prioritises simplicity and practicality over flamboyance or over-the-top gestures or aesthetics. This coherence of composition aligns well with the EP Equipment value of producing high-quality products.


The new site is focused on delivering maximum convenience for our dealers and customers. We have included FAQ’s and a more detailed gallery to provide you with everything you need to know about our product range. We want our website to be a resource hub which you will keep on coming back to time and time again

Our New Website has a Modern design

Here at EP Equipment, we’re continually striving to be at the forefront of the intralogistics industry. The design of our new website was crafted around this idea of being fresh, modern, and always looking to the future, as a reflector of everything the EP family stands for.

When designing our website, the EP design teams collated data of the most popular and upcoming trends of the 2020-21 period in order to create a site style that would be universally appealing. As such, we have used an eye-catching palette of colours and easily readable fonts, as well as a layout that is simplistic yet engaging. The result is a website that is received well by all ages, carefully toeing the line of professionalism and refreshing zestfulness.

Another reason we wanted to modernise our website was to manifest the state-of-the-art designs of our latest machinery, which have long been reliable and professional for all of our dealers, online. Much of the EP family desire eco-friendly solutions, and we wanted to demonstrate our dedication to achieving this goal by designing a website that was reflective of our intentions.

Dealer information

Because EP Equipment was built upon the idea of the creation and maintenance of strong relationships, we really wanted to create a new website that incorporated more dealer information across the various pages. Now, more of our dealer information is readily available, truly showcasing the diverse and extensive network that our EP family now consists of.

Moreso, EP Equipment is incredibly proud of the progress we have made over more than two decades of our teams working hard to push boundaries and achieve goals. With our new website, we wanted to display the incredible presence the EP family has across Europe and the wider world; that’s why more dealer information has been provided than on previous website versions.

We’ve mentioned before that EP Equipment aims to always remain at the forefront of technological and industry-specific advancements. We recognise that the browsing habits of those online are changing, with more and more people opting to get some screen time in using their mobile or tablet, rather than PC or laptop.

That’s why we’re so excited that the new EP Equipment website has been optimised for both mobile and tablet use. This means that wherever you are, the EP Equipment website can be accessed with ease – again, this is just another example of the EP family being put first.

Overall, there are many benefits that the EP family will reap as a result of our redesigned rellanched new website. The improved navigation, rejuvenated aesthetic, and newly available dealer information are, to name but a few, some of the main advantages of our website and the choice to work with EP Equipment.