Arbeitsbühnen Seeger in Nagold was one of the first forklift rental companies in Germany to choose EP Equipment as its partner several years ago. The change has been very profitable for the company and both Seeger and its rental customers benefit daily from the maintenance-free and reliable EP trucks.

Arbeitsbühnen Seeger has been a reliable partner for the rental of aerial work platforms and forklift trucks for many years. In 1994, Seeger bought its first work platform; “At the time, we were an installation company and kept the work platform for our own use, but soon we were renting it out to other companies as well,” explains managing director Heinz Deuble. “A year later, our rental company was up and running and our stock had grown to around ten work platforms, which we mainly rented out regionally.”

One-stop solution
Today, the rental fleet of Arbeitsbühnen Seeger includes more than 900 work platforms and about fifty forklift trucks. The company has five branches of its own and, as a partner of System Lift, can call on a range of over 20,000 rental machines. The machines are rented out all over Germany and beyond; “Lift trucks were added to the product range at the turn of the millennium,” continues Deuble. “Increasingly, customers needed a total solution; one single point of contact for the complete service around the deployment of aerial work platforms and forklifts.”

Reliable and intuitive
Seeger specialists have always purchased rental trucks according to requirements, with lift height, lifting capacity and overall height being important factors. “But most important of all is the reliability of the trucks and an intuitive operation,” Deuble knows. “Our customers count on good, stress-free operation and are not wanting to wait for downtimes or have any surprises. The trucks must be easy and safe to use by everyone.”

For several years, Seeger has relied on EP Equipment for those reliable, no-nonsense trucks. “We have a wide range of EP trucks, right up to the electric 5-tonne truck. They all offer exactly what we are looking for; decent, well-finished trucks that do what they are supposed to do without any problems and at an extremely attractive price compared to other brands,” says Heinz Deuble.

Benefiting from lithium-ion technology
The EP Equipment trucks in the rental fleet are equipped with maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries. This offers great advantages for both the rental company and its customers, as experienced by Arbeitsbühnen Seeger. Everyday battery maintenance, such as topping up the cells with demineralised water, is no longer necessary. The batteries can be charged intermediately, for example during coffee or lunch breaks, without any problems; “These are important issues in the rental sector. Customers prefer not to bother with the trucks, and to focus on their core business. With these trucks, our customers are assured of such a carefree operation and we also notice this in the feedback we get from them… purely positive and enthusiastic,” says Deuble.

The company itself also notices the great advantage of lithium-ion technology. Deuble continues: “The lithium-ion batteries are less vulnerable to effects of possible improper use and they last longer. To ensure that every customer gets the quality they expect from us, the trucks are checked in our workshop after every use. The lithium-ion technology allows for faster service while maintaining the quality, reliability, and uptime of the trucks. Add to this the great ease of use, excellent stability and safe deployment, and you can see why EP Equipment’s trucks are excellent for our rental business, both short and long term.”

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