On the 29th of June 2021, the 3rd EP Equipment 629 Ceremony and New Product Announcement was kicked off in Anji North Industrial Park. EP’s dealers, industry professionals and media guests were invited to attend the event and enjoy a summer gathering to discuss the green future of the material handling industry. At the conference, EP Equipment experts shared unique insights on intelligence, digitisation, and greening, and announced a series of new products.

Digitalisation is a new trend in the material handling industry and EP Equipment shows its innovation with an updated version of the Telematics. Telematics 2.0 allows users to re-organize fleet management and solve problems in real time using their smart phones and Bluetooth connection, helping users save time and increase efficiency.

Speaker at EP's annual 629 event One of the displays at EP's annual 629 event

The e-commerce industry is booming in China and intelligent handling robots, created by EP’s R&D team 2020, have officially entered the logistics market and have been received extremely well. These intelligent robots make operation and material handling much easier and greatly impressed the audience at the event.

EP electric pallet trucks at the annual 629 eventEP Equipment also announced recent Li-ion technology development prioritizing energy saving methods that see a huge reduction in harmful emissions. Dual battery will be applied in the next generation of EP pallet trucks, bringing less maintenance risks as well as higher productivity. In addition, module design optimizes the utilization of containers with benefits for our dealers including reduced freight fees and profit increase. EP Equipment also fills the vacancy of large ton in the EFL and ICE series sending shockwaves through the traditional diesel market. CQD20L, launched earlier this year, was displayed at the site with a max lifting height of 12m making it higher than any other EP reach truck.

Throughout EP Equipment’s development, the main aim has been to reduce carbon emissions and achieve global sustainability. EP Equipment’s Founder and President John He said, “There are over 3,000,000 diesel forklifts in China and the carbon emissions of every unit are equal to 25 cars. If more users could shift to electric trucks, there would be less pollution. EP will aim to create eco-friendly products through the whole process, from designing to after-sale.”

Forklift dealers rewarded for switching to electric A speak at EP's annual 629 event

At the event, EP also awarded the dealers who switched to electric forklifts from diesel, for their contribution to a eco-friendly society and setting an excellent example for others in the industry. It was a perfect summer party ending with a BBQ. EP Equipment prepared hearty food and drinks accompanied by an energetic band. Guests dived into a happy atmosphere and enjoyed this summer night.

Entertainment and dinner at EP's annual 629 event

Over the past years, EP Equipment has played an active role in promoting reduction of carbon emissions, and we also call on more partners to join the movement and contribute to a green future. We believe that EP will work with dealers to empower the material handling industry with new energy and long-term vitality on the road to being greener and smarter.


Scenes from EP's annual 629 event