COVID-19 has impacted the whole world after over the last 18 months. People all over the world have lived with the virus and have adapted to working through the pandemic. Returning to normal is crucial to the resuscitation of the global economy and trade.

It is proven that vaccination is the effective method to prevent the disease by establishing a population protected against the virus. The Chinese government calls on all people to do this job actively to control the virus within a stable range.

As a company, EP Equipment has a corporate and social responsibility to actively respond to this call to action. The Anji factory, which is one of the largest manufactures, guarantees participation. Most of the employees working in Anji have already received the vaccination at the Community Health Service Center organized by the General Department. They give the vaccine one by one, and then stay there for around half hour to confirm there is no abnormal reaction. The rest of our colleagues have received the vaccination externally. The purpose of all is the high vaccination rate is to ensure that the team at EP are contributing to universal immunization and working towards returning to normal life.

EP Equipment will always provide products and services without interruption. It is our job to adapt and better understand the needs of customers and produce safer, more efficient and better-quality products.

Let’s Grow Together and Support Each other!