EP Equipment Electric Forklift Truck Product Development Engineer, Lee Yang, joined EP in 2010 and has been part of developing some of our most well known products. Lee has lead the production of the EFL181,and the CPD15/20/30/35L1, all very meaningful products at the core of EP Equipment that received an amazing response from the market.

About Lee Yangs Job

Lee’s job in Electric Forklift mechanical design means that he is responsible for the entire process of developing products, including product market research, parameter alignment, product design, review, modification, prototyping, launching, production, manufacturing trouble shooting and developing product information assets such as parameter forms and two-dimensional drawings. Lee is also involved with communicating with procurement, after-sales and sales to solve any product-related problems through the development of our innovative equipment.

Feedback from EP customers also has an impact on Lee’s role as it influences modifications and adaptations in the development and design of EP Equipment. In the design of the 20L1, previously, the IPX4 waterproof level had not been taken into account. When dealers came forward with the request for the rating to operate the truck most effectively, Lee and his team re-designed each individual part of the model, accessories, frame, battery re-protection, charging plug and more to be waterproof.

The EFL Series is a project that Lee and the team developed. The concept of achieving a successful transition from Diesel-to-Li-Ion had great influence on the market and the products have paved the way for the new series. The EFX series is in the works and is mainly catered towards the one-way electric market which improves the limitation of charging. Thanks to Lee and the team, customers will be able to choose from a combination of batteries, allowing flexible choice of battery maintenance options.

The future of Electric Forklifts

When speaking with Lee, he expressed that it is inevitable that we will see Electric Forklifts replace Diesel Forklifts, especially below 10 tons. For European countries, diesel trucks just don’t have the low-price advantage anymore with strict pollution emission limited policies coming into place. As the world is developing, a Li-ion truck has rapid market penetration, high market acceptance and amazing feedback.

As the pollution policy in Asia, Africa and Latin America is developing, more and more customers will choose Li-ion Forklifts. Nowadays, the challenges in the yard are the conversion of customer perceptions and the initial investment can often be a barrier preventing people from making the switch to Li-ion meaning the customer overlooks advantages such as zero maintenance. However, dealers who have already purchase Li-ion Forklifts are very satisfied with yard performance, no pollution and cost savings. These users are the best references for the capabilities of Li-ion.

EP is now producing almost zero Diesel Forklifts and EP Engineers are working towards continuous product iteration and innovation, so that more customers can choose and accept the Li-ion Forklifts.

Lee Yangs Persistence in EP Equipment

“I really love design and development work. Every time I design a new model, the strong sense of accomplishment gives me motivation and drive to develop another. There is no repetitive work, I always face different challenges each time and that is the most appealing part of the role for me” Lee said.








EP Equipment Engineers are always in close proximity to the production lines and take full responsibility for the models developed. This state requires constant accumulation of experience, constant figuring out through practice. Lee expressed, “Ten years of product development verified that I need to know everything about product criteria and gap control needs to find a balance between actual assembly and theoretical gaps. It may be irritating in the process with re-design required many times, However, it’s really fulfilling when the new product is completed and launching.”

Through continuous practice and gaining experience, Learning progress will be fast, every year Lee looks back to the old models from the previous year and he can always find something to improve. His rigorous and serious attitude ensuring the quality of each product he developed is above and beyond industry expectation.


In the free time, Lee prefers listening the music to relax his mind and take a break from the usual fast-paced work, so that he is better prepared for his next big project. He enjoys watching movies on weekends and says it is a great way to find design inspiration and get your brain thinking. As for weekday off-hours, he takes time on Tik Tok and enjoys watching short videos on mechanics to pick up some quick information for work.