From 26-28 October, EP Equipment participated at CeMat 2021 in Shanghai, China to exhibit our latest products and optimal solutions in the era of digital and intelligence transformation.

At the event, experts from EP Equipment took visitors on a tour of cutting-edge technologies and innovations relevant to material handling operations. There was also entertainment provided by the EP team to take helping to create an amazing atmosphere for visitors on a beautiful autumn day.

Themed around intelligent material handling, EP Equipment showcased the future of AGV, Automated Guided Vehicles, by presenting the innovative X-Mover Series. The self-developed X-Mover Series is a complete material handling reformation, committed to improving human-machine collaboration and to optimize the material handling chain. The digital and intelligent design means these robots are the gateway to smart handling with incredibly improved efficiency and productivity. Moreover, several visitors were invited to participate in zero-distance interaction with smart robots in order to acquire a comprehensive understanding about the performance.

The three-decade development has projected EP Equipment to the forefront of suppliers globally for material handling solutions. At the trade show, EP introduced several additions to their innovation breakthroughs and solving diverse pain points faced by domestic users. EFS101 is specially designed for cargo lift and mezzanine operations, perfectly meeting the duty needs in narrow spaces for Asian users. For shipping cost savings, EP launched the F4, 4th generation of electric pallet truck- Thanks to the newly design packaging.With the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emission, EP debuted the EFX Series and CPD18TVL, the two significant Li-ion forklifts, to showcase our company’s green ambition on building low-carbon societies. These models will soon be available for international markets in 2022.

Visitors have taken advantage of this unique opportunity at the event to get a clear and concise overview of EP’s advanced products and technologies and find a platform to discuss topics they were interested in with EP experts. The EP team answered the most frequently asked question with confidence that these intelligent vehicles were easy to operate even for first-time users. Visitors were encouraged to demo the trucks on site and were provided with detailed pricing information for future planning. EP Telematics has become a market leading discussion point as many dealers expressed interests in transforming their business with EP’s digital services.

It was a hugely successful event for both visitors and EP’s employees. The bartender served cocktails and an energetic band thoroughly entertained the crowd. In addition, EP prepared a gacha game—A random draw to obtain EP souvenirs, and a gift-winning quiz about products to involve visitors into the event even further.

CeMAT 2021 was a renowned worldwide platform for the material handling, automation technology and logistics system industries. EP Equipment extensively enhanced direct communication with users and announced inspiring innovations and technologies, making important contributions to the development of the material handling industry. EP will continuously consolidate the position as the leading manufacturer for intelligent handling and meet visitors with our next new breakthroughs next year.