Different uses for electric pallet trucks

The introduction of the electric pallet truck to the material handling market has transformed expectations and uses for the traditional hand pallet truck. In order to understand how an electric pallet truck can be used you must first understand where it was developed from…

What is a hand pallet truck?

A hand pallet truck can be referred to as a variety of different names in the material handling industry.

Pallet jack, Pallet truck, Pallet pump, Pump truck

To put it simply a hand pallet truck is a tool to lift and transport pallets. Pallet jacks are the most basic form of handling equipment and are intended to move pallets within different industries in a warehouse or retail environment.

From the standard pallet truck, as technology advanced, the industry saw the development of the electric and semi electric pallet truck.

What is an electric pallet truck?

Where the hand pallet truck has made improvements to efficiency and safety in the work place, the electric pallet truck has changed the market. Since its introduction it has become one of the most versatile material handling tools.

An electric pump truck can be designed as semi or fully electric.

Semi Electric Pallet Truck:

A semi electric model is designed to have just one of two functions assisted with electric power, the lifting or the driving.

The most efficient way to improve the traditional pump truck is to use electric power to improve the driving and leave the lifting as manual. At EP Equipment this is how we create our semi-electric pallet truck models such as:

15EHJ, 18EHJ and the HPL152

This keeps the cost of the equipment low because you are choosing to electrify only one aspect of the pallet truck.

When looking at the ergonomics of manual hand pallet trucks, it is clear that the most strain for the operator comes from the force used when pulling a heavy load. In order to create the momentum needed to get the truck to move, the operator must create more force than is required to get the truck to lift the goods.

This means that the highest risk of workplace injury and operator discomfort is caused by manual drive rather than lift. Electric lifting is a great addition provided by fully electric models but is not as essential as electric driving.


Electric Pallet Truck:

When looking to optimise efficiency and operator safety a fully electric pallet, otherwise known as a powered pallet truck, is the best to consider.

A fully electric pallet truck combines electric drive and electric lift to create the most efficient and safest material handling solution.

Advantages of electric pump trucks include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved operator safety
  • Larger load capacity
  • Zero Maintenance still an option with EP Lithium-ion technology
  • Can be used on a ramp


With a variety of models and specifications available, the electric pallet truck has uses in almost every industry.

What are the uses for pump trucks?

The basic uses for pump trucks are to transport goods and pallets. This type of handling can be found in a range of industries meaning that in every industry there are a wide range of uses for pump trucks. At EP Equipment we recommend equipment based on application and can provide the following guide to assist you in finding the right truck for what you need.

There main uses for electric pallet trucks are:

Supermarket and Retail

EP Recommends: EPL154, EPT12-EZ

Uses: Operation in narrow aisles, Stable and safe transportation of goods, Light and flexible

In a supermarket or retail environment you need a truck to transport goods quickly and efficiently without getting in the way of the public. Staff are often less experienced with material handling equipment than in warehouses so the operation should be easy and simple but also safe. The EPL154 is designed with stability and safety in mind whilst still having a compact and light chassis.

EP Equipment’s 12-EZ is a light and flexible truck with a modern design making it the perfect truck for small aisles. EP innovative lithium-ion technology means opportunity charging is available for both models.


Warehouse and Logistics

EP Recommends: WPL201, KPL201, EPT WA Series

Uses: High frequency transportation of goods, Heavy loads, Long distance travel and transport

In warehouse and logistics the uses of electric pallet trucks are usually more intense than in retail environments. With faster pace operation, higher load capacity requirements and longer distances to cover you need a pump truck with the right specifications.

EP’s WPL 201 is a high-performance truck, designed specifically for the warehouse. It is a great tool for loading & unloading with optional support wheels increasing stability. the 20W and KPL from EP are recommended for high frequency transport operations and industrial use.


Transport and Last Mile Delivery:

EP Recommends: EPL153(1) EPT12-EZ

Uses: Light weight, Tail lift operation, Ramp operation

EP provides electric pallet trucks that are perfect for the transport and last mile delivery application. These industries have uses that require a truck with light weight components and no support wheels. These features make tackling pavements and curbs safe and using these models on tail lifts simple and easy. Last mile delivery also requires an adaptable and light weight truck to take goods from lorry to shop-floor with safely.


Loading Docks:

EP Recommends: RPL

Uses: High distance travel and transport, Heavy loads, Frequent use, Shift use

The RPL series is recommended for medium to high distance transport tasks such as in loading/unloading in docks and loading bay application. With Electric power steering as a standard is a unique feature for increased productivity and ergonomics.

Can a pallet jack go up a ramp?

When looking at uses for electric pallet trucks you may question if the equipment can handle an application. When answering this question you must consider what type of pallet truck you have.

Manual hand pallet trucks are not suitable for ramp use. This means that this is an additional advantage of choosing an electric pallet truck model.

The data sheet for every truck from EP Equipment can provide the gradient that each model can operate on safely and can be found in our resource hub.

If you are looking for a pallet truck for sale there is a wide range available for every application. For more information or to view the full range of pallet trucks from EP Equipment here.