Grupo Sanfeliu, located in Barcelona, Spain, joined EP as a partner in 2020. It has become the largest dealer in north eastern Spain within 2 years.

Grupo Sanfeliu has over 30 years of experience in the material handling industry and mainly focuses on lithium-ion trucks. Their stock is timely ready to supply and they are passionate about lithium-ion batteries and new energy technology. With a full stock of EP Li-ion forklifts including EFL181, EFL252, EFL352, and also Li-ion pallet truck EPL1531, EPL154, EPL185 the company has great truck availability. In addition to strong stock, the strong after-sales service technicians can provide professional service in a timely manner.

Jose Luis del Castillo, the sales manager of Grupo Sanfeliu, gave us some time to discuss their experience with EP Equipment.

Who is Grupo Sanfeliu? Tell us your story with EP.

Grupo Sanfeliu is a family business made up of several companies, three of them dedicated to handling, Its headquarters in Manresa with Sanfeliu Comercial and Logistic Global Solutions and through Auto Infanta Carretillas in Sant Boi de Llobregat which, since its beginning, has provided service to companies throughout Catalonia and Spain.

The history with EP really goes back to the beginning of EP when the first pallet trucks arrived in Spain and we have followed its evolution through other brands. So, when in 2019 the opportunity arose to collaborate directly with EP, presenting us with the new organization and structure, the decision was quick.

Why did you choose EP?

When we chose EP it was mainly because of the team behind the product, the structure and the support they give us. We were aware that other brands were already on the market and that they do their job well. However, given the high quality of the components and the high efficiency of its lithium battery, we know that by applying the commercial strategies and investments in stock it is only a matter of time before EP is positioned where it belongs in the national market.

As important center of production and consumption, Barcelona is a sector for all warehouse and logistic centers, what does Sanfeliu Group do to effectively meet the demands ?

Barcelona has a lot of weight in the national market, where the headquarters of almost all the brands are concentrated, so competition is very strong and introducing a new brand is a very difficult task.

It should be noted that the Sanfeliu Group enjoys an excellent reputation in the market, both with end customers and professionals, and years of professional experience is the key point to conquer this competitive market.

EP is a brand that has recently landed in Barcelona, and now it is gaining a good and strong reputation. Anyone who tries an EP forklift truck is convinced by its good performance and reliability, which help us a lot in the industry.

Why do you think your customers are choosing EP? And how your customers describe EP products?

The reliability and the support we have received from aftersales for the few incidents we have hado ver time really confirms to the end user the strength of the EP Brand. They are impressed with fast responsed and solutions and this means their confidence grows with the products. Also the tools such as Telematics and EP CARE, the tech quality of EP never ceases to amaze me. In the face of machines that look simple but which are at the highest technological level inside, those of us who have been technicians know how to appreciate these details.

Functional, reliable and cost-effective trucks, as their value for money is very good. Another highly valued point is the range and the new products that are presented every year. The ergonomics of the counterbalanced forklift trucks, with cabins that have never before been available on the market, are also very popular with users. The satisfaction of our customers is very good.

Would you tell us about your professional after-sales team?

Sanfeliu Group has always been a service company, and it is this vocation that has helped us to build customer loyalty. We have always invested in a strong training of our technical team of veterans and also betting on the new generations.

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