A star of our Global Dealer Event 2022 and designed to better cater to modern intralogistics applications, dealers from around the world were lining up to take a seat on our latest model and see what it is all about! EP presents the optimized generation design Electric Forklift with both the advantages of lithium and diesel in one truck. The lithium powered EFL series stands out and give us confidence for its robustness, ergonomics, and flexibility. In this article, you’ll vertically get to know our new star from the product, the comparation and the quote from EP dealer.

What has been updated for the new EFL series?

  • For greater efficiency

The new EFL series presents high performance. With upgraded speed and capacity, also smaller size and turning radius, the new generation of EFL series will bring all of our customers greater efficiency. With a note to our ‘S’ version this truck can deliver:

  1. Max travel speed (unladen) 17km/h (option)
  2. Max battery capacity 80V/460Ah and max charging current 200A
  3. Max gradeability (laden/ unladen) 20/25%
  4. Max lifting speed 0.5m/s
  • For better operation experience

Multi-functions for safe operation and easy eet management

The new EFL series is equipped with a variety of functional features such as OPS system, Telematics and card system, which not only takes security as priority but also reinforce easier eet management.

  • Ergonomic improvements for comfortable operation

The operator cabin and workspace of the new EFL series is more spacious with a simplified panel and a comfortable pedal. The series features a new LCD display that clearly shows speed, working hours, battery status, milage and parking status so the operator can easily grasp the truck conditions just with a glance.

What are the uses for the new EFL trucks?

The new EFL series delivers high performance in various applications, like in beverage, logistics, construction, and other industries, indoors or outdoors. It can work in all-weather conditions thanks to the overhead guard fully upgraded. With opportunity charging, this lithium powered truck can manage multi working shifts.

Whats the difference between the new EFL series and previous models like the EP EFL181?

As they were designed to cover different application scenarios, the EFL181 and the new EFL series feature different load capacities and many other characters. As mentioned the new EFL series of lithium-ion electric trucks which can work in many industries, indoors or outdoors. The fully upgraded overhead guard on this generation is the key for usage of a cabin which makes the new EFL trucks cope with all-weather conditions. The new EFL series provide 2.5T, 3.0T and 3.5T as option, and for each one we offer ‘S’ version which demonstrates greater performance to demanding tasks and high utilization. In addition, considering the operational experience the new generation of EFL series combines OPS system, Telematics and card system, also providing an upgraded workspace for operators.

Our EFL 181 model is described as an entry-level forklift from EP Equipment. It was designed to replace Diesel forklifts on the yard, in the countryside and for everybody with occasional usage. And the main applications of the EFL 181 Li-Ion forklift are building sites as well as small companies with the occasional need of a forklift truck. Also the EFL 181 is always available due to its maintenance free Li-Ion Battery and the integrated charger. The integrated charger for simple charging at every standard power outlet, the Li-Ion battery as a maintenance free power source as well as the big front tyres that allows for usage on uneven floors and in the yard. All of these make it the perfect truck for short term rental applications.

How to understand the EFL series – Designed to combine both advantages of lithium and diesel.

Built on the T8 IC truck chassis and equipped with a streamlined design counterweight, the new generation of the EFL series features better durability and greater maneuverability in confined spaces. Plus, the rain-proofed charging port protects the port from water splash and ensures charging safety. For ergonomic considerations, EP upgraded the LCD display to consolidate essential truck information at one glance, which ensures ample workspace and an easy driving experience. The overhead guard is given structural support for cabin installation, offering better flexibility to meet dealers’ needs.

Why lithium power?

Lithium technology has proven itself as an emission-free and maintenance-free alternative to diesel. The new generation of EFL series handles loads with consistently high performance due to opportunity charging even for the most demanding applications.

EP Group has rooted in the material handling industry and manufactured lithium-ion trucks for years, which has been received extremely well over the globe. EP Energy, a new subsidiary of EP Group, is a lithium-ion battery manufacturer committed to delivering superior and professional energy storage solutions for industrial applications globally.

Benefits of lithium-ion technology:
  • Just Plug and Play
  • Opportunity charging
  • Maintenance free
  • High serviceability
  • Long lifespan

What we kept the same for our new EFL series?

The new generation of EFL series is reliability enhanced mature components same as the first generation, such as electrical parts, the gearbox, the Li-ion battery, the controller and the mast. This not only offers high reliability, but also benefit to parts stock management and utilization.

What does our global dealership community think about our latest product release?

As our dealers took an exclusive first look at our 2022 event and had the opportunity to test drive our new EFL trucks the feedback began to roll in quickly. Fernando, one of our partners confirmed the efficiency that the new EFL brings “Then, surely it is the New Generation EFL, which contains advantages of lithium and diesel, it is economical equipment for users. It is a product with huge potential thanks to improved speed, higher lift and easier handling.” Raymundo another dealer said “I am pleased to see the improved lifting capacity, faster speed and more stability on the new generation EFL. At the Global Event 2022 I bought some F series and new EFL series equipment for a first test in my market, I want to give an actual presentation for them.”

If you want to know more about the new EFL series please get the brochure here: https://ep-ep.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/02_EFL253-303-353S-brochure-8.pdf and make an enquiry at info@ep-ep.com

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