After sales training in Europe

47 Participants from 11 countries, hosted by 4 trainers: From 26 November – 1st of December EP Equipment hosted an in-depth after sales training on electric warehouse trucks and li-ion batteries.

After sales performance is one of the most important aspects in the supply of equipment. With simple and smart solutions EP

Equipment has many advantages. Dealers from all over Europe are regularly invited to join our after sales training.

With the input of our factory engineers, we are able to provide a high level of support and provide the right information and input for good service.

In the training we introduced how our trucks are built, showed the main components

and the logic of the truck. With the help of frequently asked question lists then every technician was able to have hands on practice with the machines.

Finally, we looked into the li-ion technology and the multiple ways to monitor the charging, discharging and status of the battery cells. With the functionalities of the EP BMS and the hand-held tools we can easily do diagnosis and fault finding.

EP continues to set on open source software, with market standard and simple handhelds to do parameter setting and diagnosis. The logically built trucks allow easy service. With the growing dealer network and factory support, we offer a long and reliable usage of the machines.