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EP Sales Assistant in Germany

New Sales Assistant Germany – Inez Gruczel joining EP Equipment

EP Equipment has built strong relationships in the German market with the increasing demand of Li-ion trucks for many years. As ...
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EP's Dealer Martin Gärth

Dealer Testimonial: Martin Gärth

Martin Gärth has been an expert in the field of intralogistics since 1989. The dealership is located in Pfeffenhausen in the ...
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EP Li-ion Trucks In Saint-Gobain

EP Equipment Li-ion Electric Trucks—Saint-Gobain’s Smart Choice

Founded in 1665 in Paris, Saint-Gobain is a member of the Fortune Global 500 and one of the top 100 most ...
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EP at Cairo Handling Exhibition 2020

EP Had Great Turn-out at Cairo Handling Exhibition 2020

The 20th international exhibition for material handling and storage equipment was kicked off in Cairo, Egypt from 10th to 13th December ...
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Gateway To Smart Manufacturing

Industry 4.0: The Gateway to Smart Manufacturing

The world around us is a complex abundance of cutting-edge technology and consistent adaptation. Every aspect of our daily lives, ...
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EP Japan Opens Showroom In Tokyo

EP Japan Opens a New Showroom In Tokyo

EP Japan Opens a New Showroom In Tokyo. Established for the domestic sales and service network of EP products in ...
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EFL181 Product Test | EP Equipment

EP EQUIPMENT EFL181 – Product Test Report

NEW FORKLIFT SEGMENT OPENS POSSIBILITIES EP Equipment wakes up the forklift market with the EP EFL 181: an entry level ...
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EPL 154 and EPL 185 | EP Equipment

EP EQUIPMENT EPL 154 and EPL 185 – Product Test Report

FINE COMPACT ONES With the EPL 154 and EPL 185, EP Equipment brings two almost identical powered pallet trucks with ...
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EP's New Sales Manager UK

New Sales Manager UK – Simon Manasseh joining EP Equipment

In this news article we talk about Simon Manasseh joining EP Equipment. EP Equipment has been in the UK market ...
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EP Equipment in Europe

Hardy Klapproth joins EP Equipment as Technical Manager Europe –

Hardy Klapproth joins EP Equipment as Technical Manager Europe -. As the dealer network of EP Equipment in Europe has ...
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EP's Double 11 Event

Dream Big 2020: The 5th EP Double 11 Event with Record Sales

The 2020 Double 11 event ended with a huge success for EP Equipment. A new sales record! This year hold ...
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Strategic Investment By Sinovation Ventures

EP Equipment Announced Strategic Investment by Sinovation Ventures

EP Equipment announced a strategic financing round invested by Sinovation Ventures, a leading tech venture capital headquartered in Beijing. With ...
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