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Product Test Reports

EP EQUIPMENT EPL 154 and EPL 185 – Product Test Report

FINE COMPACT ONES With the EPL 154 and EPL 185, EP Equipment brings two almost identical powered pallet trucks with li-ion battery on the market. One with a 24V installation, the other with 48V for when it needs to be slightly more powerful. The trucks are easy to operate, score over average performance and are […]

EP EQUIPMENT JX0 – Product Test Report

SUCCESSFUL CONTINUATION EP Equipment developed the JX1 a few years ago for picking small orders and performing other work at heights. Recently the JX0 has been added, functionally comparable, but lighter, slimmer and more compact than its big brother. However, the performance is impressive, as our test shows. Anyone who occasionally picks small orders at a height […]

EP EQUIPMENT CPD30L1-S – Product Test Report

SPACE MIRACLE WITH ENDURANCE With the four-wheel electric truck series, EP Equipment brings a remarkable range of forklift trucks onto the market. Thanks to the integrated lithium battery, the trucks offer more space than others and can easily be used for long periods of time by opportunity charging. We tested the 3 tonne truck and […]

EP EUIPMENT JX1 – Product Test Report

HANDY AT THE HEIGHTS If you want to pick small items at various levels or have to carry out work at height, you can of course start with a movable ladder. However, it can be considerably more convenient, safer and more economical, shown by EP Equipment with the JX1. In our test, the smart truck […]

EPT 12EZ electric pallet truck independant test report

As published in September 2017, Theo Egberts from Buro Andersom and Logisticsinside tested the EPT 12EZ electric pallet truck against its competitors. Of course we are very excited to find out more about the results as our truck is compared with the well known brands Jungheinrich, with the EJE M15 series and Toyotas LWE 130. […]