Electric Counterbalance Forklift 2.0T


About The CPD20L2

CPD20L2 is the new premium forklift from EP Equipment built around all the advantages of Li-Ion technology. Designed for better ergonomics at high intensity shifts and long working hours, CPD20L2 provides powerful lifting performance and the best in operator comfort.
The L2 Li-Ion forklift uses all the advantages of Li-Ion technology and is designed around a small put, powerful 48V/360Ah LiFePo Battery. EP developed a new structure based around a patented 2 piece counterweight to increase the legroom and ergonomics to a level never seen in the industry before. The lithium-ion battery provides opportunity charging. It can be charged up to 7% in 10 Minutes. It also communicates via Can-Bus with the truck to ensure an efficient usage of the truck at all times.

 CPD20L2 Electric Forklift


The L2 is a premier solution for mid to large warehouses, docks, side bay lorry, logistics. With dual drive 48V motors and premium hydraulics as well as joystic control, it is the perfect truck for long work hours with a need for high productivity. Moreover, with a small turning radius of 1585mm, it has a very small footprint which means less space is needed for transfer aisle allowing better use of storage space.


CPD20L2 Joystick Control System
EP Unique

The L2 forklift is the first Li-Ion, purpose-built forklift with a dual joystick control system. Due to this ergonomic controls, the truck offers a perfect balance between usability and performance. All hydraulic functions can be steered from the two joysticks, embedded in a comfortable armrest connected to the seat of the driver to ensure fewer vibrations and higher ergonomics.

Wider Operating Space

The L2 forklift from EP Equipment has the widest legroom in the industry. Comfort is at the heart of this 3-wheel forklift.

Stronger Working Performance

Everything in control due to its dual-joystick operation, the truck offers a high productivity also with attachments like side-shift or fork positioner. They are comfortable to use on long shifts without strain for the operator.

Precise Driving Characteristics

The EHPS system is adopted to the L2 forklift, which combines advantages of both EPS and HPS and it makes steering more smoothly.

Full Colour Display

The CPD 20L2 comes with a full colour display to show not only the driving settings, but also maintenance information as well as driving performance information

CPD20L2 Data Sheet

Is this a 3 wheel or 4 wheel trucks?

CPD20L2: 3 wheel , EFL181: 4 wheel

Is this front-wheel-drive?

Yes, all these trucks are of front-wheel drive trucks.

Is this twin motor drive?

L1 = single drive. It is done by a single motor and differential, very similar to our IC trucks.

L2 = dual drive. A separate drive motor on both front wheels

How can we still get stability with a lighter battery?

If you look at our five-ton truck, which is a traditional model, we just add weights in the battery container. The battery is smaller and lighter and we add weight at the bottom of the battery to compensate for it.

With the EFL and the L1, they have been designed as a lithium integrated truck. With the l2 the whole design of the counterweight is different to have more weights on different places. We have a 2 piece counterweight. We compensate for the weight of the lighter battery by putting more weight in at other places.

Is the EFL181 drive motor a DC motor?

EFL181 is an AC motor.

Do you consider to install a dual pedal drive system for L2? Means no hand control forward/reverse selection switch?

No. We’re not planning to change that as a factory standard by having a gas pedal and a brake pedal.
What has been done by one of our dealers itself on the L2 is to install the second pedal. If you are interested please contact your sales contact, we can share information on it how it’s being done.

How about the turning radius?

CPD20L2:1585mm , EFL181:1920mm

You can download the spec-sheets of all our products with the relevant VDI data from the website.

Does the CPD20L2 have an integrated charger?

No. The only truck forklift truck with an integrated charger is the EFL181.

Is the side shift integrated?

All of these trucks can be ordered with external sideshift or integrated side shift.

The nominal capacity is then reduced with 100kg.

External sideshift has the advantage of easy replacement in case of damage. Integrated side shift has the advantage of less loss of capacity and better view.

The ones stock in Europe, they always have an integrated side shift and mostly 4th valve in case you want to add another attachment later.

Additionally, we offer a fork positioner. Compact model, good view, good price. You don’t have to fit it locally yourself. You get it fitted from our factory, complete and running.

Is it possible to connect fleet manager to the EFL181 in a simple way, same as the L2?

Yes. The telematics system is connected to the li-ion batteries and can be equipped on any max range truck.

How does the truck perform with extra hydraulics and attachments?

The capacity of the pump motor for different truck types is given on the spec sheets.

For attachments with bigger oil flow, the oil flow parameter setting can be changed to fit the need.

Note that standard multiple use of hydraulic functions is locked for safety reasons.

What is the residual capacities?

High lifting heights are not our strength. If you want to buy and 11 meters reach trucks, there’s other people who can do that better than us. We provide you the equipment that simply works.

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