Electric Pallet Stackers

EP Equipment offers a large variety of electric pallet stackers for sale, for every application. Starting with entry level stacker for light duty application over heavy duty stacker with lead acid or Li-Ion Battery to special application trucks like counterbalance stacker trucks or end rider solutions.


Li-Ion 3316mm 1200kg

ES-MM Series

Gel (AGM) 1955mm 1200kg

ES-ES Series

Gel (AGM) / Li-Ion 3615mm 1200kg


Gel (AGM) 3315mm 1500kg

ES-WA Series

Lead-acid 4800mm 1400kg


Lead-acid / Li-Ion 5500mm 1600kg


Lead-acid 3900mm 1400kg

ES-CS Series

Lead-acid 5000mm 1500kg

What is an electric pallet stacker?

Electric pallet stackers are also often called lifters or pallet jacks. Their main purpose is to safely lift, move, and stack pallets. Pallet stackers are often required for smaller tasks where a full-sized forklift is not required. Great quality pallet stackers are designed to provide convenience. These use electrical power to push, pull, and jack up pallets.


Why buy an electric pallet stacker from EP?

Introducing the electric pallet stacker truck! As the largest manufacturer and provider of top-quality electric pallet stackers for sale, we believe that they are everything your business warehouse, factory, or storeroom has ever needed. But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself.

Our electric pallet stackers for sale are worthy of being consider as a first buying choice. We would love to share a few reasons why you should buy electric pallet stacker units from EP:


* Electric pallet stackers minimise the workload for staff members by reducing the need for physical labour and speeding up the stacking and packing process.

* Electrically powered stackers require no fuel which cuts back on operational costs. It also means near-zero emissions to reduce your carbon footprint.

* Electric pallet jacks cover huge distances in a short period of time. They are also compact units that can manoeuvre in small or awkward spaces with relative ease.

* Workers can often ride on the stacker from one area to the next which helps to save time and boost productivity.


How to buy the right electric pallet stacker

All types of stacker have the same or similar basic function: Lifting a load carrier from the ground up to a lifting height of normally higher than 800mm. Some are made to lift up to an ergonomic working height, while others elevate goods into high racks with a height of over 6 meter.


  1. Manual pallet stacker

These stacker trucks, also known as hydraulic lifter are operated completely manual. They often come with a lifting capacity of 1000Kg and a cost depending on the specifications. Though some of these machines come with a quick lift option, this is normally limited to handling a capacity of 100Kg and only helps to lift under a pallet or very light loads. With a lifting height of 1.6m or more, these lifter need sometimes over 100 pump turns to get to the maximum lifting height. In a nutshell, these pallet lifters are not made for regular usage increasing strain and pain for the user and limited to low efficiency


  1. Mono Mast Stacker

Mono Mast electric stackers are usually full electric trucks that drive electric and lift electric. The lift height is usually 1.6m or 1.9m depending on the application. With a load capacity of 1000Kg or 1200Kg they can take most loads on euro pallets or other load carrier. The main application for an electric monomast stacker is to lift goods to an ergonomic working height increasing efficiency at the workplace while reducing straing for the user. These trucks can also be equipped with a remote control to reduce the need to move around the truck while lifting or lowering in a stationary position. Mono Mast stackers can also be used for occasional application in the warehouse if the racks are not higher than 2 meter. It is a reasonably cheap multi-purpose stacker to be used as a lift table and stacker truck if needed


  1. Electric pallet stacker

The most common fully electric stacker has a duplex mast and is commonly used for daily stacking application in small to medium sized warehouses, retail stores and small workshops. All trucks come with a tiller control that operates lifting and driving function. They are used to transport and lift pallets into small racks. Electric pallet stacker range from lifting heights of around 2 meter up to a lifting height of over 4800mm. These electric stackers are available with lifting capacity between 1000kg and 1600kg with some trucks being able to lift even more. EP offers a wide range of electric stacker trucks. Depending on the need of the customer machines are offered with different battery technology and mast design to fit the need of every customer. While traditional pedestrian stacker come with lead acid battery, EP also offers a range of lifters with maintenance free gel Battery. The advantage is simple charging, no water refill or maintenance of the battery. Also, there is no gas emission during charging, special floor coating or charging rooms needed. These trucks are always equipped with build in chargers for flexible application around the warehouse. Another advantage of these electric stackers is their size, as they are much more compact than traditional electric stackers.

In central Europe most pallets are Euro pallets and can be handled with wrap-over forks stackers. In other countries like United Kingdom and USA, where traditional forklift trucks are still more common, pallets come in a different size. For these markets and anyone who needs to transport load carriers in different shape and form, EP designed Straddle arm stackers where the operator can adjust the width of the fork arms for simple operation. These trucks can be loading all kinds of long or wide goods, while the truck provides the same great features as any other EP pallet lift.


  1. Ride-on pallet stacker

If you need to stack in heavy duty application with longer travel distance, your choice is probably an Electric Ride-on pallet stacker. These machines are build for single or multi shift application, equipped with changeable lead acid or Li-Ion Battery and come with a foldable platform. If the platform is raised, the truck can be used as a standard walkie stacker with low speed. When the operator is using the platform and sidearms, the speed of the stacker is increased, and he can drive through the warehouse at a comfortable and efficient speed.


How to buy the right electric pallet stacker:

Buying the right electric stacker depends on several topics, of which some are: Budget, Space, access to electricity, required lifting height and required lifting capacity. It is very important to say, that all pallet stacker trucks for sale from EP come with a residual capacity that is lower than the rated capacity. While the trucks lift their rated capacity of for example 1000Kg up to 2500mm, the capacity decreases after this lifting height. When buying the correct electric pallet stacker, you need to know the needed residual capacity in your highest rack. Anyhow, also consider re-organising your warehouse and racks as it might be possible to move light pallets to the top and keep the heavy pallets on a lower level at the rack. While choosing the right pallet stacker might be difficult firstly, always consider as a first question: How many pallets do I stack per day, what’s the weight of the pallets and how high is my racking. Most of the time these questions already lead you to the right electric stacker. Then contact your local electric stacker provider to find the right configuration for your application.

In a modern supply chain goods are normally stored in racks in several levels often with heights of 4meters up to over 13meters. While the load carrier varies, most goods are transported and then stored with an electric stacker. Most of the time it is the first machine a customer buys after a pallet truck or hand truck is not sufficient anymore and goods need to be stored in warehouses with racks. Pallet lifters come in different shapes and with different functions, load capacity, lifting height and energy storage systems. Let us now show you the differences of our machines and give you a guideline to find the right pallet stacker.

Electric pallet stackers are also often called lifters or pallet jacks. Their main purpose is to safely lift, move, and stack pallets. Pallet stackers are often required for smaller tasks where a full-sized forklift is not required. Great quality pallet stackers are designed to provide convenience. These use electrical power to push, pull, and jack up pallets.


Why buy electric pallet stackers over petrol and diesel options?

Electrically powered pallet jacks require no fuel which means that there are no fumes to deal with if you use the truck indoors. An electric pallet jack is also a great deal quieter than fuel-powered alternatives.


Typical use cases for electric pallet stackers:

Construction environments – buy pallet stacker trucks to transport building materials from one area of the building site to another. These trucks can lift heavy pallets of tiles, cement, and other building materials.

Warehouses – pallet stackers are ideal for stacking and collecting boxed or crated items. Pallet stackers are highly beneficial in distribution warehouses or large stores.

Storerooms – any business can benefit from having a pallet stacker available in their storeroom. The truck can be used to move, stack, and collect stock items to fulfil orders.

If you would like to buy a reliable and affordable pallet jack or learn more about the various pallet stackers for sale, get in touch with our friendly sales team today.